Bangladesh HSC and Alim Routine 2014

The HSC exam of bangladesh will be start on 1st april 2014. Details routine is posted below.
The Dhaka Education Board is responsible for administering all public schools with the exception of English-medium schools and madrassahs in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh as well as the entire Dhaka Division.
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Exclusive H.S.C Suggestion for 2014 (All Board)

Dear students, you would better avoid of your own Board Question-2013

Suggestion for H.S.C Examination- 2014(All Board)

Subject: English 1st & 2nd Paper Seen Comprehension (40 marks)
   ***1.  One very conspicuous change-------------- to survive.U-14, L-3
 ***2. Capitalism developed ------------ this to happen. U-21, L-2, MQ-90
 ***3.In recent years---------- go under water.U-6,L-3, MQ-21
 ***4. The unit by which the ---------------- inside the buildings. U-8, L-3, MQ-31
 ***5. UNICEF stood----------- in Bangladesh. U-15, L-6, MQ-68
 ***6.  Feeding the ever growing ---------- firms and industries. U-23, L-3, MQ-101
 ***7.   His name was Jerry-----------subterfuge.U-5, L-6, MQ-18
 ***8.  Bangladesh is a small country----------------academic progress. U-9, L-3, MQ-36
 *** 9.  There have been significant-------------form of sports entertainment. U-10, L-4, MQ-39
 ***10.  Globalization is now -------------- possible. U-22, L-3
 ***11.  Globalization has become ------------- Place to live in. U-21, L-1, MQ-89
 ***12.  In Bangladesh , the retirement -------------- old one day?U-13, L-3(B), MQ-57
 ***13.  Bonsai is the --------------- moneymaker. U-4, L-4, MQ-12
 ***14. As his reputation as a scientist ----------- well-being. U-12, L-6,
   **15. The world is producing (Water a vital element)…..waste and filth. M.Q-20, U-6 ,L-2
   **16.Education is one of the-------------social development. U-15, L-2, MQ-64
   **17. Humans, animals and plants are all important elements -----kind to mankind.M.Q-22, U-6 ,L-4.
   **18. An efficient banking ----------- other countries. U-20, L-2, MQ-84
   **19. It has been over U-15, L-16. (M.Q-71)
   **20.  Rabindranath, the fourteenth------------ of distinction.U-12, L-3
   **21. The British have ------------ their fingers. U-11, L-7(B), MQ-47
The village Somal ------------ of the king. U-4, L-5
   **23. Sports are a ---------- big way to this .U-21, L-4, MQ-91
   **24. The environment refers --------- waste and filth. U-6, L-1, MQ-1
   **25 British eating habits------------use their fingers. U-11, L-3, MQ-43
.  **26. Gender discrimination-----------a high mortality rate. U-24, L-4, MQ-106
     *27 Scientists have --------- in space.U-22, L-4, MQ-94
     *28.  The last century is over----- human achievement.U-23, L-1, MQ-99
     *29.  An underground is--------------other cities too. U-16, L-7, MQ-75
     *30. The development of------------its original beauty.  U-18, L-6, MQ-80
     *31.  Statistics show---------------and better salaries. U-3, L-2, MQ-8
     *32 Education is the process-----------------right he was! U-9, L-1, MQ-35
     *33.  A society’s culture -------------- inappropriate.U-11,L-1, MQ-40
     *34.  Investment in education-----------human resources. U-14, L-4, MQ-63
     *35  Fires swift ---------- around the buildings. U-7, L-2, MQ-26
     *36. The process-------- users of the language. U-21, L-6(B), MQ-93     *37.   Literacy as a skill------------ particular culture. U-14, L-1, MQ-60
     *38.Ayesha Begum has three sons ---------- for survival. U-13, L-3(D)
     *39.A major influence------------ learning style too. U-10, L-1.D.B.B.2003
     *40.The Chinese food ------------ watching television.U-4, L-1
     *41. When you are crossing ----------- above. U-20, L-4(B), MQ-86
     *42 The present age is marked---------increasing in modern times. U-1, L-5, MQ-6
     *43.  In the past, the -------------- for them.U-1, L-2
     *44.  Scientists have --------- in space.U-22, L-4 (M.Q-97)
     *45.  Shaheed Dr. Shamsuzzuha----------at 4 p.m.U-12, L-1
     *46.Ismail Hossain is an-------------his outstanding success.U-20, L-3, MQ-85
     *47.Two friends Raghib  and Adeeb, wanted to learn how to …….through mistakes.
            M.Q-9, U-3 ,L-3
     *48.Electronic mail, popularly----------for important purpose. U-7, L-6, MQ-
     *49.Hamidur Rahman was the man who gave shape to the concept……admiration and pride. 
           M. Q-52, U-12 ,L-4
     *50. Working opportunities-------------- the ILO project.U-15,L-3, MQ-65

 “Everybody should believe in his/her own Creator” -  Md. Khaled Saifulla

For Question No 9 and 10 :
All Board( 2003-2013 ) And
From Text Book : You should practise the following topics. 
Page 24 -D, 28-A, 38-B, 48-B, 48-B, 49-Oregain, 51-C, 60-C, 71-A, 81-82, 83-C, 87-B, 89-B, 92-B, 115-B, 122-A, (140, 142-B), 151-C, 165-C, 172-B, 181-B, 194-C, 195-B, 203-C, 205-D, 229-B, 231-C, 277-B, 248-D, 246-B, 263-B, (VVE), (277, 283, 285-F), 287-C, 296-B, 300-C, 302-C.
And  Real Learners’(All)

For Question No 11 : Table
All  Board( 2003-2013 ) and Real Learners’(All)

For Question No 12 :
All  Boards ( 2003-2013)
And Real Learners’ Re-arrange(All). You should give most priority  the following numbers from Real: 75,76,77,78,79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 226, 129, 144, 149, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 159, 161, 166, 172, 184, 186, 187, 189, 190, 191

      ***1. .Acid throwing.
      ***2. Traffic Jam.
      ***3. Arsenic Pollution  
      ***4. Leisure
      ***5.  Central Shaheed Minar    
      ***6 Historical Place of Interest
      ***7.  Book Fair.
      ***8.  Deforestation.
      ***9.  Tree Plantation/ Importance of Trees/A forestation
      ***10. Watching T.V./Your Favourite T.V Programe.
      ***11  Dowry System.
      ***12. 21st February/ International Mother Language Day.
      ***13. Environmental Pollution.
      ***14. Necessity of Learning English.
        **15.  Natural Disaster in Bangladesh/Green House Effect.
        **16.  Bangladeshi Culture.
        **17.  Necessity of Games and Sports.
        **18 Necessity of Maintaining Ecological Balance.
        **19.  Your Neighbours.
        **20.  Children Right.
        **21.  Early Rising.
        **22.    E-mail/Internet/ Fax.
        **23.Bengali New Year/PahelBaishakh.
        **24.  Child labour.
        **25.  Drug Addiction.
        **26.  Sound Pollution.
        **27.  Visiting to The  Zoo.
        **28.  Globalization.
        **29.  Cultural Heritage Sites in Bangladesh.
        **30. Childhood Memories.                                                                                         
        **31. Street children.
        **32. Earthquake.
        **33.College Library/Canteen/Magazine.
        **34.Global Warming.
N.B. Second Paper’s Paragraphs will be included.

 “Everybody should believe in his/her own Creator” -  Md. Khaled Saifulla

Prepared by
Md. Khaled Saifulla
B.A (Hon’s), M.A (6th) in English (J.U)
Lecturer in English
Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah College, Dhaka.
Formerly, Lecturer in English
Ideal Laboratory College, Dhaka.
Author :
A Practical English Grammar &
“Real Learner’s Communicative English”
“A Practical English Grammar”
For H.S.C Students.

Dear students, you would better avoid of your own Board Question-2013

English 2nd Paper-2014
Grammar : Free & Practise “A Practical English Grammar”
All Boards.
Exercise Advanced Learner’s.
Preposition (Selected by The Department of English.)
Idioms and Phrases.Selected by The Department of English/A Practical English Grammar’
Page No 201-212.


      ***1.Digital Bangladesh.
      ***2.Historical Place of Interest.
      ***3.Tree Plantation/ Importance of Growing Trees.
      ***4.Your Aim in Life.
      ***5.Female Education.
      ***6.Students & Social Service.
      ***7.Seasons in Bangladesh.
      ***8.Your Last/ First Day at College.
        **9.Unemployment Problem.
        **10.Greenhouse Effect.
        **11.Most Memorable Event of Your Life/Childhood Memories.
        **12.Journey by Boat/Train/Bus/Launch.
        **13.Physical Exercise.
        **14.Flood in Bangladesh.
        **15.Uses and Abuses of Television.
        **17.Your Daily Activities.
        **18.Liberation War in Bangladesh.
        **19.Rural Development.
        **20.Climate Change.
        **21.Birds of Bangladesh.
        **22.Empowerment of Woman.
        **23.Wonders of Modern Science.

Application :

     ***1. . Write an application to the Chairman for Sinking arsenic –free deep tubewells.
     ***2. Write an application to the TNO for sending immediate relief for the collapsed Rana Plaza tower people situated at Savar.(24/04/2013)the flood affected people in yourr Area
     ***3. .Write an application to the Principal of your college for a full-free studentship.
     ***4. Write an application for the Principal of your college for a seat accommodation in the hostel.
    ***5. Write an application to the principal of your college requesting him to pass necessary orders for a “Study Tour” for the outgoing students of class XII after the send up test.
    ***6. Write an application to the Principal of your college requesting him to improve the facilities in the college library.
     **7. Write an application to the Principal to set up a canteen in the college campus.
     **8. Write an application to principal for a common room in the college.
     **9. Write a letter congratulating his on her brilliant success in the H.S.C examination.
     **10. Imagine , you are going to have a picnic. Now , write a letter to your friend inviting him to the picnic.,
    **11. Imagine, your younger brother is getting habituated in smoking which is very injurious to health. Now, write to him describing its bad effects.
    **12.Write an application to the principal of your College for a testimonial
    **13.. an application to the principal for a transfer certificate
    **14. Write an application to editor complaining in against the power supply.
    **15 Write an application to the principal for leave of absence.

Dialogue :
       ***1. Write a dialogue between two friends about the dangerous effect of the collapsed Rana Plaza tower situated at Savar.(24/04/2013)
      ***2. Write a dialogue between two friends about the dangerous effect of “Acid Throwing/ Eve-teasing/Hartal/Price –hike.
      ***3.   Write a dialogue between you and your friend about an interesting Cricket/Football match.
      ***4.  Write a dialogue between two friends stating the causes of failure in English and solution to the problem.
      ***5.Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of tree plantation.
      ***6.   Write a dialogue between you and your friend about eradicating illiteracy form Bangladesh.
      ***7.  Write a dialogue between two friends about a visit to a place of historical interest.
      ***8.  Write a dialogue between you and your friend Samir about admission into a varsity.
      ***9.   Write a dialogue between two friends on frequent road accidents in our country.
      ***10.  Write a dialogue between you and your friend on the basis of uses and abuses of Mobile phone/Face Book/ Internet.
      ***11. Write a dialogue between two friends on Ekushey Boi Mela.
       **12.  A dialogue between two students just coming our of the exam hall.
       **13.  Write a  dialogue between yourself and a foreigner.
       **14 Write a dialogue between Abdul Kadir and Farid about the bad effect of smoking.
       **15. A dialogue between a patient who have been suffering from fever and a doctor
       **16. A dialogue between Saiful and a library assistant on borrowing books:
       **17. Make a dialogue between the principal of a college and a student seeking admission
       **18.Write a dialogue between you and your friend about an interesting Novel/Drama.
       **19. Write a dialogue between yourself and a shopkeeper.
       **20.About the importance of taking physical exercise.
       **21.   Dialogue between two friends on violence in the campus

       **1.  Road accident.
       **2.  Leisure.
       **3.  Street children
       **4.  The world heritage site.
       **5.   Visiting a cyclone/Sidar/Flood/Anthrax affected area.
       **6.    Good health.
       **7.   Arsenic menace.
       **8.   Victory Day/Bengali New Year/PahelBaishakh.
       **9.    Importance of Education/Sports.
       **10.  Satellite T.V.Channels/Watching T.V.
       **11.  College Library/Canteen/Magazine.
       **12.  Winter Morning/Rainy Day.
       **13.  Mobile Phone.
       **14.  Load Shedding.
       **15.  Your favorite teacher/Poet/Person
       **16.A Picnic/Journey-train/bus/a place of historical interest.
       **17.  Traffic Jam.

Completing Story:

      ***1. Once a College student named Imran was going home after completing his class. When he was crossing the road, he saw an old woman lying on the road. She was senseless----------.  
      ***2It was a summer day and a crow became very thirsty. It went here and there in search of water but in vain --------------------------
      ***3.    Tit for tat.( Monkey & Elephant).
      ***4.      Sheikh Sadi was a great poet. Once he was going to the court of the king of Iran. Then he took shelter in a rich man’s house on his way to the--------------------------------
      ***5. Rahima works in a big garment factory. There are more than five hundred workers in the factor. One day as usual she was busy at her work. Suddenly, she heard that there was an outbreak of fire form the short-circuit. As ill news runs apace, the news spread very fast among the workers. But no one noticed whether there was actually any fire-----------------
      **6.  Bayazid was a small boy. His mother was ill. One day he as studying by the side of the bed of his ailing mother. All on a sudden his mother woke up, raised her-------------------------.
      ***7.  Once a queen was jealous of beauty of her only step daughter named Snow White. She ordered her huntsman to kill Snow White. But the huntsman, instead -------------------------
      ***8.  King Solomon was the wisest man of his time. His fame spread far and wide. Everyday many people asked him different questions. He answered all their questions -------------- -------
      ***9. The Two Women and A Baby.
      ***10.  One day a grocer borrowed a balance and some weights from a fruit seller. After a few days, the fruit seller asked the grocer to return his balance with weights to him. The grocer------
      **11. Long-long ago there lived a cow boy in a certain village .He used to tend cows in a nearby field beside the forest. The cowboy was a great liar. He enjoyed himself-------------------------
      **12.  GiashuddinAzam Shah was the ruler of Bengal. He was a kind and just ruler. He was very much fond of archery. One day when he was practicing archery, all on -------------------------------
      **13.  Once there were two friends. One day they were walking through a dense forest. Suddenly they saw a bear -------------------------------
      **14.  An old farmer had five sons. They used to quarrel with one another. One day the farmer called his sons -----------------------------------
      **15.  One day two rats stole a piece of bread. They tried to divide it into two equal parts but failed. They fought for that. Lastly they agreed to put up their problem to the monkey. All the animals of the---------------------------.
      **16.  There lived a clever fox in a jungle. One day he fell into a trap as he was passing through the jungle. He could get out of the trap but lost his tail behind, without-------------------------------
      **17.  Once upon a time a farmer had a magic goose. Everyday she laid a golden egg. The farmer sold the egg at a good price. In course of time, the farmer became ----------------------------
      **18    Once a golden necklace was lost from a rich man’s house. A few servants worked in that -- -----------------------
      **19.  Once there was a king called Midas. He was very rich. Rich people are never satisfied. They want more and more. The more they have the more they want. The king ----------------------
     **20.  Once there lived a happy cobbler who passed, his days in working and singing. A rich neighbor of his was a banker who one day said to him-----------------------
     **21.  There was a crow on a tree with a piece of meat -------------------------------
     **22.  Once there were a hare and a tortoise. They challenged each other in a race competition--
     **23.  Once a Lion was sleeping in a forest. Suddenly a mouse came there .It did not notice the sleeping Lion. It was running about and playing happily. By chance-----------
     **24.  A fox was very hungry and moving here and there looking for food. Entered a forest where there were many grapes’ trees--------------------
     **25.  Once the town of Hamelin in Germany became the city of rats. There were so many hundreds of thousands of rate everywhere. The city dwellers became---------------------
     **26.  Once there was an old house in a village. A number of mice lived in that house. They were doing a lot of mischief there. The master of the house was very annoyed and made a plan---
      **27. One day an Ant went to the bank of a river. It was very thirsty at that time and to quench its thirst--------------------------------
      **28.Once there lived an old farmer in a village. He had five sons. They were all adults. They were strong, healthy and stout. But they were -------------------------
      **29. Once there lived a poor wood cutter in a village.  Despite his poverty he was honest and sincere, He earned his livelihood ----------------------
      **30. The Ancient Marine
      **31.  Frog and Student.
      **32.  A Dull Headed Englishman.
      **33.  An Illiterate Boatman.
      **34.  About one hundred and fifty years ago there lived in France one of the greatest soldiers called Napoleon. When he was young, he entered -----------------------
      **35. King and Astrologer.
      **36. Once there lived a good King in Scotland. His name was Robert Bruce . He loved his country and his subjects very dearly. His subjects had a great love --------------------------
      **37.There lived a wild in a deep forest. All the other animals were scared of his ferocity. Even the cattle of the near by village were not safe. One day the wolf killed a lamb. While eating its flesh------------------------.
      **38.   Once a dog stole a piece of meat from a shop. Holding it in his mouth , he was running beside a stream. When the dog was crossing a bridge over the stream--------------------

Report Writing:
       ***1. On the dangerous effect of the collapsed Rana Plaza tower situated at Savar.(24/04/2013)
      ***2.  About Acid Throwing on a Lady. Uses and abuses of Mobile phone/Face Book/ Internet.
      ***3.  Observance of Victory Day/Independence Day/21st February.
      ***4.    On a study tour to a place of historical interest.
      ***5.  Road Accident.
      ***6.   On Freshers’ reception held in Dhaka College/Bidding farewell to the HSC examinees.
      ***7.   On the changing role of women in the society.
      ***8.   Fire That Gutted in Garment Factory
      ***9.   Food Adulteration.
      ***10.   Prize Giving Ceremony.  
      ***11.  Football/Cricket Match.
      **12.  Annual Cultural Programme.
      **13.  Street Children.
      **14   Earthquake/Flood Storm Affected Area. / Launch Accident.
      **15.  Celebrating of PahelaBaishakh/Bangla New Year.
      **16.Storm Affected area. 
      **17    Deteriation of Law and Order at Campus.
     .**17.  Rising of Prices of Essential Commodities.
      **18.  Robbery.
      **19.  Black Out/Load Shading.
     .**20.  Dangers of Taking Drugs.
      **21. Vote Center/Pulling Center.
      **22. .  Nazrul/Robindro Joyanty.
      **22. On visiting AVillage Fair /Education Fair/Trade Fair/Any Fair.

 Job Application:
        **1.Young and smart representative required by multi-national company.
        **2.An English language teacher /Lecturer needed.
        **3.A Medical representative required/
        **4.A Sin-Editor required/Tutor wanted.
*N.B: Dear students, you should know the exact technique of writing job application/application/completing Story/Dialogue and Summary. If you can this you will be able to get marks
Prepared by
Md. Khaled Saifulla
B.A (Hon’s), M.A (6th) in English (J.U)
Lecturer in English
Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah College, Dhaka.
Formerly, Lecturer in English
Ideal Laboratory College, Dhaka.
Web :
Author :
A Practical English Grammar &
“Real Learner’s Communicative English”
“A Practical English Grammar”
For H.S.C Students.

“Everybody should believe in his/her own Creator” -  Md. Khaled Saifulla